Dress like a Ghostbuster

When I was a young man I was asked what I wanted to do when I left high school.

In all honesty I answered Ghostbuster.

Apparently there is very little job opportunities for them so really the next practical thing would be to build your own costume (yes, I used the word “practical”). I mean they do say dress for the job you want, right?

The Ghostbusters


Now I’m not going to advise on prop replicas, I’ve been happy enough with the Mattel ones so far and I hope that one day they’ll put out a proton pack which doesn’t break the bank but in the meantime you can spend a long time putting one together yourself or a lot of money paying someone else for one.

I’m going to focus on the costume itself.

The core of the costume really is the jumpsuit and from what I can tell the TruSpec range of flight suits seem to be the ones that you’re looking for.

The colour is what throws me out because there is the Tru-Spec 27/P Flight Suits Khaki which looks right but the colour is slightly off what I picture from the film and I think the Tru-Spec Khaki XFIRE 27/P Flight Suits – TSP-2633 looks to be the closest (online anyway – they probably look different in real life) but I can’t find it on Amazon anymore so you may have to look further afield. But the khaki one is probably the colour they used and the set lighting and filters changed it (don’t quote me on that).

There are certainly alternatives such as the Khaki US Air Force Flight Suit but you can see that they’re all starting to look the same.

Of course if for some reason you’d like to go with Ghostbusters 2 (probably because you have a neat looking slime blower prop replica) then the darker alternative is available: Propper Black Nomex Flight Suit F511546001.

So with the basic jumpsuit sorted out it’s all about the accessories and really once you’ve gotten a hold of the Ghostbusters Embroidered Uniform Logo patch and one of the Ghostbusters Name Tags then your costume is probably passable enough to get you into a rough costume party. But we don’t want to go to “those” parties!

You want a Khaki Pistol Belt, though you may need to shop around for just the right one to suit your jumpsuit. On the belt clip a HWC Police Duty Plain Leather Key Ring Holder or similar and drape some Black Gloves over the belt.

The elbow pads are a little tricky and the closest I can find on Amazon are actually Volleyball Knee Pads which would need to be dyed the right colour. The problem is that most elbow pads come with two straps rather than the elastic band but if you can find some like that they would be better.

Now I know I said I wouldn’t mention accessories but now we’re here I can’t really leave you hanging. If you’re interested in dressing as Stanz and you can’t wait for Mattel to bring out the Ecto Goggles then you can give the impression by wearing some Hobart 770129 Oxy/Acet, Goggle – Flip Front, 50mm Eye Cup Shade 5. They will only give the impression of Ecto Goggles but that might be all you’re going for.

The Proton Pack used to be much harder, Rubies have now got a replica pack available however if you a sadly desperate for anything then maybe you can laugh it off whilst wearing the Ghostbusters Proton Pack Backpack.


And there you have it, a serviceable Ghostbusters costume, it may not be screen accurate but everyone will certainly know who you are and it’ll get you through those dark days in the office when you wish you were out busting ghosts!

Dress like Lowery Cruthers from Jurassic World (Jake Johnson)

Well, he may not be the main character in Jurassic World but Lowery Cruthers certainly wears the right shirt!

Lowery Cruthers (Jake Johnson) Jurassic WorldAnd so let’s start with the retro Jurassic Park t-shirt that Lowery wears in the film.  He says he had to get it on eBay for $150, you can pick it up on Amazon for a lot less.

Now the overshirt is going to be a lot harder to still get, it’s from Urban Outfitters and is the no longer stocked: Salt Valley Terrence Western Shirt.  Your best bet for one of these is to go to eBay and hope for the best.

That said I’ve read about people buying other colours of the shirt and dying them to match up, they’re pretty rare so if you are going for authenticity this is an option.

Personally, I’d see how I go at just grabbing a similar shirt like this one which unfortunately has a white pattern on it so clearly not the same shirt but probably close enough to give the right Lowery Cruthers vibe.

Lowery Cruthers (Jake Johnson) Jurassic World

The pants are super easy, just grab some jeans!

There’s an identified watch which is the Casio Men’s A158W-1.

And finally the glasses, you have options such as eBay or on Amazon which honestly both look right on the money (note the two dots on the sides).

Lowery Cruthers (Jake Johnson) Jurassic World

Lastly, you’re going to have to grow your own Lowery Cruthers mustache or if that’s out of your reach you can always grab yourself a fake one!

Hope that helps inspire you, he’s a fun character who I hope makes it to Jurassic World 2, I’d kind of love to see him geeking out over meeting Ian Malcolm!

Remember, stay safe, stay in the control room 😉