Dress like Marty McFly from Back to the Future

First off time is at the very center of the Back to the Future films so of course we should start with the style of watch Marty McFly is wearing in the Back to the Future trilogy, with some digging I worked out that it’s probably the Casio CA-53W Calculator Watch.  They were reissued so you can actually pick them up quite reasonably (they’re now technically the CA53W-1).

Marty McFly looking at his watch

Now the exact same Shah Safari shirt that Marty wears are pretty rare and used to be pretty expensive (a couple of years back there were two listed on Amazon). There are alternatives if you’re not trying to be too much of a perfectionist and this shirt here is designed to look just like one of the originals.

Marty McFly without the puffer vest

Of course you’ll also need the denim jacket to go over the very rare shirt and that’s going to be difficult as Marty’s jacket is a Guess Marciano from the Spring of 84 collection which would be near impossible to actually locate now in the exact same colours (as they apparently varied). So again it’s not actually cheap but there is a company that will make a custom replica for you: Magnoli Clothing.

There does also appears to be a version on Amazon which is significantly cheaper! You could always make your own as Spoonflower has the McFly pattern fabric.

Ok, after years of debate on what the brand the “life preserver” vest was it was apprently settled over on bttf.com a while back and stated that it was definitely a Class 5 vest.  Now good luck trying to find one, it’s near on impossible but you could always try eBay or hit up Magnoli Clothing again.

I should note here that I’ve never tried anything from Magnoli myself but everything I hear about them is good. 

Marty McFly in Back to the Future

Your other options for the vest at a reasonable cost are this costume one which I think looks pretty good all things considered, though certainly not as puffy as the original.  Maybe even this other costume one though it doesn’t bear any scrutiny (it has a zipper in front) but it would certainly serve just as a regular costume piece.

The shoes from Back to the Future 1 are Nike Bruins, now it appears that you can get the same style of shoe in every colour combination except the white with red swoosh for some unknown reason.  There is a reasonable substitute though in the Nike Men’s Cortez Basic Leather ’06 Casual Shoe or of course you can always try eBay.

So that’s all the major stuff taken care of, there are the little touches to help round out your oneness with McFly:

Enjoy and remember that your future hasn’t been written yet. No one’s has. Your future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one, both of you.

(if you are way too lazy for any of this then why not just buy a t-shirt)

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